Never before have companies had to face such a complex and uncertain environment. The globalisation of the economy, the accelerating use of digital technologies and the restructuring of many professions have led to a radical transformation of our organisations. They now need to incorporate into their systems major technological and organisational changes that in turn affect the collaborator, the teams and leadership. 

New forms of organizing manpower emerge, emphasising collective intelligence and creativity. What they have in common is that they seek to unite in striving for performance and the respect for the wellbeing of each collaborator.

Skills and expertise

– Professional coaching business and individuals

– Management of social and health policies

– Socio-professional environment for health and social services

– Local and territorial authorities, institutional networks, operation of associations and municipalities, communities of municipalities, stakeholders and social partners, political and institutional.

– Management

– Research methodology

– Project management

– General Management Techniques

– Training engineering

– Applied Pedagogy

– ICT (information and communication technologies)

– Languages: English and Norwegian current and professional

– Communication- Speaking and Writing

– Creativity

What we do. Who we are

As consultants, certified coaches, we facilitate and manage change, transition, the quest of performance in companies and organisations.

Using proven and recommended methods, we help bringing forward resources, synergies, solutions, to implement concrete and pragmatic action plans.

We work for the development of employees, managers and management teams, to optimise and free all their skills to benefit of companies and organization’s development.


What customers are saying.

``I had the opportunity to work with Mr. Grimaldi nine months in his capacity as HR (Human resources) Coach and I must say that I am fully satisfied.
  • He was able to structure my professional and personal questions, so we could move forward and find observable everyday solutions. Listening, empathy and especially his acute sense of analysis makes Mr. Grimaldi a valuable ally in the management of complex managerial situations, all the while never forgetting the manager.
  • Using a global approach, he knows how to unravel complex situations by making affordable and possible ``step by step`` solutions. I therefore accepted a professional exile status (500 km away from the family, 4 days per week) and could devote myself more widely to managing my teams and key actors in the area. That is why I say thank you and wish him every success in his professional adventure.”
(J-L P. Regional Director - Social Enterprise for Housing, 2018)
“For me the coaching approach is especially relevant for the enactment (the means) to achieve the objective.
  • In fact, coaching can help becoming an actor in the process, leaving behind a certain passivity or complaint. Coaching restores the place of the subject. In a Sartre’s perspective it focuses on our freedom of action and can help to get out of procrastination. ``
(A.C. Psychologist coached, 2015)